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The State of Indianapolis Public Schools

•    88 unique schools and programs
•    More than 31,000 students (the most in three years) and 2,000 teachers & certified personnel
•    The current IPS graduation rate is 83 percent—ten years ago it was 47 percent
•    IPS serves more than 840,000 meals each month—and almost 85,000 meals during our break periods
•    Our buses travel more than 20,000 miles every day
•    We are a majority-minority District (78 percent non-white and 22 percent white)
•    Sixteen percent of our students are English-language learners; 19 percent are students with special needs
•    Twenty five percent of the properties within the IPS District are tax exempt


Keeping Our Own Financial House

•    Due to property tax caps and reductions in state and federal funding, IPS has lost tens of millions of dollars in           the past four years
•    Despite this, IPS has invested an additional $8.8 million annually the past three years to provide teacher raises         and maintain cost-neutral benefits
•    Since 2011, IPS has reduced central office expenses by 32.5 percent (on a per-pupil basis)
•    IPS has realized more than $18 million dollars from right-sizing real estate holdings
•    IPS has not sought funds through the referendum process since 2008 (while most other school districts in                  Marion County have placed referenda on the ballot since then)

Key Referenda Fact: monthly tax impact for the average property value in the IPS District will be $3.19

Benefits of a Successful Capital Referendum

•    Eighty percent of the $52 million capital referenda funds will go to enhance school security
•    Proposed improvements include upgraded emergency communications capabilities & more secure windows 

•    Click here to see the full capital spending breakdown

Benefits of a Successful Operating Referendum

•    IPS has stated plainly that monies from the operating referendum will be dedicated to remaining competitive for       teacher and school leader salaries
•    If passed, IPS will continue to have the necessary resources to fund its dynamic special needs program

Want to learn more? Click here to view our presentation!

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