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Key Issues


We have seen growth this year compared to where we were during the beginning of the pandemic, but getting back to where we were before the pandemic is not the goal. Every school in the IPS portfolio should be one that we are proud of—a place we would be confident to send our children. Every child in IPS should have access to a quality school, and we shouldn’t be able to predict outcomes based on the number of Black and Brown children in our classrooms. This means making difficult decisions about models that are not working for our kids and investing in mentoring and high quality tutoring in math and science, especially in early grades. 


Research tells us that schools that prioritize trusting relationships, a shared vision, and authentic collaboration with the community are the most effective at setting students up for success. This vision is supported by parents and families across the country—polling shows bipartisan support for meaningful partnerships between parents and schools that put students first. We must reimagine what public schooling means. We need to codesign solutions with communities. We are better together, and we all must work together on a singular vision: making sure an education received in Indianapolis Public Schools is the absolute best education anyone can receive. There is no community or quality of life issue more impactful. 



The district has started the conversation around racial equity, and I am heartened that the board has created a racial equity policy, but I'm not sure that it has really moved the needle for those at the margins. As someone who helps organizations design sustainable plans for racial equity, I would like to see more concrete policies in action that support this initiative and for our students who have a home language other than English. Our immigrant population is growing, and we need to make sure we are providing the highest quality education for every student.

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